I received the swiss watches sale from you last week and I was very pleased with 4 of the 5 of them. From the picture on your website I chose Rolex Model #18620 because of what looked to be a dark gray dial. But, when I received it the face was much, much lighter than the picture. In fact, I already have that swiss watches sale model with the lighter face so I don't two of them. When I tested it for time accuracy it was very slow so it doesn't keep up with the correct time. The other 4 swiss watches sale worked and looked great. I would like to exchange the Rolex Model #18620 for Rolex Model #26327 (DateJust with Light Blue Face). They are both the same price so it should be an easy exchange and all of the plastic on the swiss watches sale is completely intact as it was never opened. I can mail Model #18620 back to you and you can send me #26327 back. I would just need an address as to where to return the swiss watches sale.

Thanks for this I collected the replica watches sale from post office yesterday ( 18/5/11) and very impressed with quality, however I have encountered a problem. When I tried to change the date, the date got stuck between 16/17 and would not move no matter what I did, but as a result of this the hour hand will not pass 2 oclock even if you try to do it manualy with the crown it is solid. If you set the watch before 2 it works but will not go past the 2. What should I do, I have come to you first for advice, before contacting the China e mail address I do intend ordering a Chopard Mille Miglia The replica watches sale hands can only be moved anti clockwise with the crown out, it cannot be adjusted clockwise in any position. The replica watches sale will stop as soon as the hour hand gets to 2pm and cannot be moved forward past this ( it is though it is stuck) if you wind the hour back anti clockwise its works perfectly until it reaches the number 2 and then stops. I cannot get the date to change at all What should I do return the replica watches sale to you so you can try and repair it, I welcome your advice. Despite this I will still be ordering another replica watches sale model in due course.